AXiD DU Study Night

IMG_1106Monday night consisted of a lot of learning and a lot of friendships formed. Finals are approaching and our scholarship chair thought it would behoove the brotherhood to get out of the library for the night and into a sorority house.  Continue reading “AXiD DU Study Night”


AmaXizng Challenge

13010723_1207857545921227_1157501775790724305_nThis past week the brotherhood has been going all out supporting Brother Luis Schubert in his quest to become Alpha Xi Deltas “Xi Man”. AXIDs philanthropy “AmaXizing Challenge” is geared toward funding towards Autism Awareness.  Continue reading “AmaXizng Challenge”

AXiD Serenade

IMG_1570Monday night involved a great activity for our pledges and the brotherhood. We had our semester annual serenade with the lovely women from Alpha Xi Delta across the street. Continue reading “AXiD Serenade”