Exec Board

An exec board is the glue that holds the fraternity together. Each semester the brotherhood meets and holds an election for said positions. These men have been elected to take on roles that keep the house in order. Our exec board comprises of 16 brothers ranging from fifth years all the way freshmen. To clarify right now; all jobs on exec are extremely important and require full effort at all times. Some jobs are at the highest of importance like the president, risk management, finance, and house manager. Others like V.P. of scholarship, CEP, and social chair are easier jobs.

These jobs require a lot of attention and some assistance. At our chapter, each position has multiple chairs to help the exec member balance is obligation to the house as well as school and their job. For instance I am on multiple chairs helping out our pledge educator, assisting with rush, and on the j-board committee. It takes more than one person to maintain a lively brotherhood and as a chapter we pride ourselves on having an elite exec board every semester.