Foreign Brother

12733468_950532238373176_2721112242652645722_nThis  past weekend we had a brother from the Mcgill Chapter in Quebec! What an exciting weekend we had with Brother Ders. He is a third year marketing major who finished his schooling and wanted to take a tour of California. He contacted our president a month ago laying out his plan and mentioned that San Jose was a destination he wanted to visit. He also was happy that there was a DU there too (free room and board). We were more than happy to take him in and show him around the city of San Jose. That happened to be a fun weekend too. We had a couple social events that he thoroughly enjoyed and got to see our floor hockey team win in the semi finals. He fit in well with all the bros as well. He was going to lunch with all the bros and even started saying some of the jargon we throw around at the house.

Then came chapter. He was very intrigued at how our chapter went. He loved the ability for non-exec members to talk at chapter. He explained at his that 99% of the talking is done by exec and questions are held to the end so each member can get through their reports. He told us the brotherhood is not fond of that type of meeting and commended us for our democratic system. Brother Ders was a pleasure to have around the house and his is more than welcome to stop by again. He plans on bringing back some of his lessons he learned here back to his chapter. We love all our brothers whether its in the country or out of it.


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