DU Study Night

IMG_1117This Monday night consisted of an important brotherhood event: the annual Delta Upsilon BBC study night. It was a great turnout with 30+ bros there all ready to hit the books.

We have this study night the week before finals to get a leg up on our final exams, projects, or even essays. We love collaborating with each other because we have a different demographic throughout the fraternity. Some members are older and have taken these classes before, while some brothers are better at writing essays or better at math. Collaboration is something we strive to do every single day and this is a perfect situation for the brothers to exemplify that action. Our scholarship chair brother Maximo Lacerca did a great job reserving the room and brought a couple cases of water, bowl of fruit and some nutrigrain bars.

As the brotherhood prepares for their final week and a half left in the spring semester we also took a study break and reflected on the past semester. Boys were showing funny pictures and telling funny stories that happened at social events, philanthropies, or even sports games. This study night went from 9PM all the way till 1:30am when our fifth your senior finally finished his senior project. This semester has been an absolute journey and i am glad we are almost at the end.


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