Beta Xi

ChZrIF1U8AAlghAOn May 1st 2016, the Delta Upsilon fraternity at San Jose State University proudly initiated seven new members into our brotherhood. These seven men will embark on a journey and join a brotherhood of 74 men for the rest of their lives. Their names are; Collin Burke, Matthew Large, Brian Buzworth, Alex Collard, Cooper Sauceia, and Dylan Antonetti. All seven of these new brothers are all freshmen as well and will have 4-5 years in the brotherhood. They quickly have connected in a positive with the brotherhood and we welcome them with open arms. They worked hard to see this day and they earned every bit of glory they received that day.

It was an exciting process to see the members of the Beta Xi pledge class grow within the eight weeks of their pledge process. Just like pledge classes before them they have formed a strong bond with each other and have become best friends. We expect these men to have an immediate impact on house. A couple of them were even nominated by older brothers to hold exec positions. Some of them are already moving into the house and look to mesh with the bros even more. They have implemented our four founding principles in their everyday lives and we know these seven brothers will have a significant impact on the house.


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