AmaXizng Challenge

13010723_1207857545921227_1157501775790724305_nThis past week the brotherhood has been going all out supporting Brother Luis Schubert in his quest to become Alpha Xi Deltas “Xi Man”. AXIDs philanthropy “AmaXizing Challenge” is geared toward funding towards Autism Awareness. The week consisted of coin wars where the competition is based on sheer donations and DU finished third out of 10 fraternities that were involved. The second event was, “Light It Up Blue” which consisted of decorating the house in blue while containing autism facts. The boys tied for first in this competition. The third even was a great session and DU had 90% participation for that. Another fun event was “Catch a Xi” where the AXID girls had white shirts on and fraternity members signed their name and their house on their shirts. DU had the most signatures on their shirts!

The final and last event was a talent show. All the fraternities and the sororities showed up to tower hall to watch the contestants show their talent. Brother Schubert and five other brothers went in a time machine and recreated NSYNC for everyone to enjoy. The dance was choreographed so well and cheers throughout the auditorium was enormous. After the last talent was displayed, it was time to announce the winner. The philanthropy coordinator grabbed the mic and said, “This years Xi Man is…………Luis Schubert from Delta Upsilon!!!!” This was the first philanthropy win for DU since 2013. We could not be more proud for Luis. What an achievement it is!


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