Alumni Sports Day

CgMlIwVUIAA1ucs.jpg-largeThis past weekend market the second annual actives vs. alumni sports day: Ducks vs. Ducklings. It was a great event where the brotherhood competed against alumni in several sports. The sports included on Sunday were; softball, flag football, soccer, dodgeball, and basketball. Unfortunately the alumni took 3 out of 5 making them the winners for this year tying up the record 1-1. It was another great turnout by the boys in blue and gold as well as the alumni. Almost the whole brotherhood was there and over 50 alumni were there to play, watch, and have a good time.

It was fun listening to the alumni reminisce about “the good old days” in the early 2000s all the way up to 2013. We could tell they had so much fun during their time at SJSU and in DU. After the event was over everyone headed back to the house for a mass BBQ and some corn hole. Meeting these alumni opened up a lot of perspective for brothers and have inspired us to try even harder to be the best fraternity we can be. Until next time.


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