Alumni Dinner

IMG_1796April 10th, 2016 marked the years annual alumni dinner and boy it did not disappoint. This dinner is traditionally meant for older alumni from the pledge classes during the years of the 50s’ and 60s’. We had a great turnout with over 30 alumni there to chum it up with old friends and meet some active members. Among the alumni is brother Barry Swenson who is active in the real estate business and is well known all around San Jose for his high rise buildings and ownership of multiple sorority and fraternity houses. Another esteemed alumni is brother Ed Mosher who’s contributions to SJSU and San Jose could not be matched.

The actives had a great time learning about “the good old days” and enjoying a delicious buffet. Also four members were selected out of the brotherhood for the: Roy James Harney Four Founding Principles Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to four members that use Delta Upsilons four founding principles in everyday life as well as maintaining an exceptional GPA. We are looking forward to our next alumni dinner in the fall.


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