Phi Ball

IMG_1615Yesterday eight brave men from Delta Upsilon formed a dodgeball team to participate in Alpha Phis always fun dodgeball philanthropy for the Alpha Phi FoundationThe boys in gold and blue took the courts in hopes of another shot a championship trophy. The event took place from 11:00am-3:30pm. Brothers, Giovani Bussalachi, Tim Pearson, Malcom Wolters, Alex Navarro, Cody Hanes,  Dan Barta, Matt Dynin and myself answered the call to compete. It was truly an honor to compete for such a great cause.

Unfortunately the “Mastacholi Boyz” did not make it back to the championship game. We were quickly thrown into the losers bracket by the always feisty Sigma Nu men. We quickly bounced back and beat the tenacious Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers. Coming off win the Mastacholi Boyz felt confident and was ready to take on their next opponent. They were met with a tough task playing the Kappa Omega Pis and sadly took a loss from the men at KOP. The effort was appreciated by the whole brotherhood and by the ladies of Alpha Phi. Stay tuned for more!


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