AXiD Serenade

IMG_1570Monday night involved a great activity for our pledges and the brotherhood. We had our semester annual serenade with the lovely women from Alpha Xi Delta across the street. Everyone dressed and formal attire and our pledges and their new members took center stage. The pledges sang their three songs and the AXiD new members sang their hilarious songs as well. Then it was time for the nerve-racking part that separates the boys from the men: The pickup lines. All the pledges had great pickup lines for the girls and they loved them!

Then it was the girls turn and their lines were so good they were turning our pledges faces red. Even some of our active bros went out there to the active members they knew and gave a pickup line. After the pickup lines the mingling came. Pictures were taking, numbers were exchanged, and laughs and hugs were given and received. It is always great having the beautiful girls from AXiD over and we cant wait to see them again!


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