Daisy Duck

IMG_1366A winner was for our first every Daisy Duck philanthropy was crowned yesterday at the house at 3:30pm. The turnout for the award ceremony was so crowded it went into the parking lot. We raised over $3500 for GSI and could not be more pleased with everyones participation and effort each day. Our V.P. of Philanthropy brother Ian John and President brother Jim Rollison put in a lot of work and were commended by every brother and everyone who participated.

Each candidate received an award. The awards were; the you loyal award, the delta award, the mobs deep award, and the most money raised award. The candidates were all pleased and ecstatic to receive the awards and the brotherhood was happy to give each on the award.

The runner up was Amanda Whitaker from AXID. She did a great job and raised a ton of money. The winner was Leah Blanks from APhi. Her dedication and her house participation is what gave her the edge. It was great to see so many people come out for such a good cause. We can’t wait to hold this philanthropy next year.