Taco Tuesday

IMG_1308This past Tuesday was another great brotherhood event for the men of SJSU DU. A couple brothers went to Costco and got all the ingredients to have a delicious taco Tuesday. The event was brought up at our most recent chapter by our V.P. of Brotherhood brother Matt Dynin.Brother Dynin has done an excellent job at coordinating brotherhood events this semester and he was the brains behind our brotherhood BBQ last week. The event started at 7pm when most of the brothers were getting out of class and was put to a halt when a Daisy Duck candidate stopped by with her sisters around 9:30pm to join in the festivities.

It was a great way to turn a brotherhood event into a way to maintain house relations with the lovely ladies from across the street: Alpha Xi Delta. Their candidate Amanda Whitaker is brotherhood favorite and has a real shot at becoming Daisy Duck and raising the most money for our philanthropy. One of our founding principles: The promotion of friendship was really exemplified by the amount of dancing, singing, and eating between everyone. The brothers are ready to have a great weekend with the Alpha social tonight and Anchor Slam on Friday. Stay tuned for the Anchor Slam reports!