IMG_1290Today marked our first brother hood barbecue of the spring semester. It was a great turnout considering an ample amount of brothers were catching up on sleep due to exams. Brother Santiago set up the bbq in hopes of a greater bond between pledges and brothers.Pledges chose their big bros after four weeks of pledging and there have been countless times that pledges did not know the big bros that well and have not had the greatest relationship. We even got the sponsored by the local market who donated buns and hotdogs for the occasion. Brothers laughed and had a good time from 2pm until the sun went down.

Another activity was the 2 on 2 basketball tournament. One of the brothers most beloved festivities of the semester. The end victors were brother Pearson and brother Bustamante. Their reward will come later once the weekend arrives. Multiple women from the Alpha Phi Sorority were over to watch the game since they know how highly competitive it can be. House relations are supremely important for fraternities to function in their everyday lives. The most important part though is a strong brotherhood within. Another successful brotherhood for the men at Delta Upsilon.