Daisy Duck Contestants



Our philanthropy: Daisy Duck is coming up in two weeks and contestants from each  sorority on campus have been submitted and finalized. Two contestants have shown their appreciation for DU and our philanthropy by giving the brotherhood treats.

The old saying goes, the quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Leah Blanks from Alpha Phi dropped by our chapter Sunday night and brought over a tin of cupcakes that had our colors on them and two full tins of brownies. She stood up in front of the brotherhood and expressed her excitement to compete for our philanthropy as well as mentioning her appreciation for the house.

Amanda Whitaker from Alpha Xi Delta came by the next week and dropped off a cake! It was so great hearing Amanda talk about how excited she is to partake in our first ever Daisy Duck Race. It was also enlightening to hear how much this philanthropy means to her.

Winnie Mai from Kappa Delta brought over donuts after our soccer game on Saturday and rolled deep with her sisters to announce her candidacy. It was awesome seeing all the Kappa Deltas in the house, especially carrying a bunch of krispy kreme donut boxes!

Gabby Ramirez a second contestant from Delta Gamma dropped by the house last night and brought over five tins of assorted treats. She caught the brotherhood at dire times as we were walking back from a basketball loss against ATO. Once we saw Gabby and her sisters with the tins of food, our night was completely changed. Like Leah Gabby explained her gratitude for being able to compete for a good cause. Cant wait to see how the week turns out.