First Basketball Game

12115667_900685213349245_3554264603748149129_nLast night marked the opening night for IFC basketball in the spring and DU was up against a solid opponent: Pi Kappa Alpha. It was a big game for DU because we lost the championship game to them in the fall by two points. As fans, we weren’t going to stand idly by and let that happen again. We decided to pack the Spartan Complex and support our brothers who were going into battle. Of course if 75 bros are going one place you know there will be girls there. The spartan complex was almost at full capacity and there was standing room only. DU chants were common and the screaming and yelling was at an all time high. Pikes fans were nowhere to be found and the game was about to start.

The game was grueling and long. It seemed like every time we were catching up, Pike would hit a couple shots and be up by 10 once again. We had multiple players foul out, miss free throws, and lose the ball. The play was not our best but the effort those guys gave out there out on the court was the only thing we as fans and brothers cared about. The score did not end up the way we wanted it to and we did not seek revenge like we wanted. The final count was 54-32 Pike. Our brotherhood stood out and at the end of the day we shook Pikes hand and said good game we will see you guys soon. One of our founding principals is: Promotion of Friendship. No matter what happens they are still a fraternity just like us.