Poker Night

image1Last night was our first official brotherhood event of the semester. Thirty brothers came out for the first ever Delta Upsilon brotherhood poker night. The buy in was $10 and the competition was looking fierce.

The event was lead by just initiated brother Hernandez who is a chair for brotherhood events. It was great to see all the brothers laughing and having a good time while having the competitive juices flowing. The eventual winner was brother Lacerca and he plans on having a fantastic weekend with his newly earned cash. The event also contained bystanders like myself who would joking make comments while the brothers were playing with intense focus. Refreshments were also provided curtesy of San Carlos Pizza who sent over 12 Large pizzas for the night.

The brotherhood loved this event. It was everything we love; money, food, and brotherhood bonding. Each brother gave a congratulations to brother Hernandez for setting up such an awesome event. We hope that there is more to come for the rest of the semester. I captured a picture of the final 10 at the last table.