Building Better Men

On February 13 2016 at 3pm in the chapter room of the San Jose State Delta Upsilon 12 members of the Beta Xi pledge class received their pins. It was an important day as the brotherhood watched these 12 now associated members sign their pinning papers. You could look around the room and notice each brother was smiling and reminiscing on a time not to long ago they stood in the same place. Wrinkled white dress shirt, forgetting a belt, borrowing a roommates tie and thinking vans or converse were appropriate dress shoes. After the ceremony was over the brotherhood and the pledges clapped and cheered. High fives and congratulations were getting thrown around the room. The pledges seemed proud as our president and vice president shook their hands and looked them in the eye and said “congratulations and welcome”.

Delta Upsilon prides itself on being the first Non-Secret Fraternity. Unlike other fraternities, we have an open pinning ceremony, pledging process, and no secret rituals. We do not believe hooded meetings in a basement. The pledges are treated with respect because we were once in their shoes and we understand what its like to be around 85 plus people you have never seen before. We welcome the Beta Zi pledge class with open arms and we hope they have a fruitful pledge process.